Bungalow Bar hosts their weekly Trivia Game Night

By Shani Hannah | April 9, 2019

Rockaway Beach, NY – The Bungalow Bar located in the middle of the Rockaways hosted their weekly Trivia Game night on Thursday, April 4, 2019.  Trivia games are hosted by a local event team called DJs @ Work.

Bungalow Bar is a relaxed environment that serves the Rockaway community along with visitors from all over the city, Long Island and even out of state to name a few.  People come from all over to enjoy good eats and drinks.

The Bungalow Bar has been opened for 10+ years.  BB decided to have events to bring out the customers as well as new business to enjoy and have fun not just during the warm season but also during the cold nights when people are looking for something to do but don’t want to go far.  Trivia night is only one source of entertainment that they provide to their customers.  By having Trivia and other events it has brought in more revenue than just a regular night especially during the winter.  Most restaurants have a decline in sales when it is the cold months.

The Bungalow Bar is nestled right in the middle of Jamaica Bay where you can overlook it when you’re crossing the Crossbay Bridge.  During the summer months, you can swim up to the restaurant or even dock your small boat and stop in for drinks and food and entertainment.

Bungalow Bar thrives on having happy customers, therefore, they cater to what they enjoy.  Trivia game night allows people to have teams and they have to answer questions and there is a winner at the end of the game.

The workers cater to their clientele, so they feel like part of the Bungalow family.

The Bungalow Bar will continue to host various events to assure that the community continues to come back as well as spread the word.

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Lime Bikes, Everywhere in the Rockaways

By Shani Hannah | April 2, 2019


Lime Bike left on the ground.                                                                   Photo: Shani Hannah

Rockaway Beach, NY – Lime Bike program was launched in July of 2018 in the Rockaways.  Lime Bike is a dockless bike program that came into the Rockaway Peninsula.  Dockless bikes are brought in by a truck and put out on certain street corner locations.  The purpose is to aid in the convenience of getting around in the Rockaways without the worry of traffic and finding parking when you are visiting certain areas.  As long as you stay in the Rockaways you can ride the bike for $1 for thirty minutes.  You scan the code after you download the app, add your debit or credit card to it and go for a ride.

Residents of the Rockaways love the idea of Lime Bike.

“I find the lime bikes useful to those who do not have a bike of their own,” said Taneek.

Another Rockaway resident, Danasia stated, “I think it’s doing well as promoting a healthier lifestyle for people who may not be able to afford a bike, have space or even want to save money and don’t like carpooling.”

Overall, the residents are happy except for the bikes being left all over.

“People throw them everywhere and anywhere,” Taneek stated.

The bikes seem to be left just anywhere, which is an issue to some residents.

Logan,  a 33-year-old male said, “I don’t like the fact that the kids take the bikes however they take it and ride the bikes wherever and then dump it anywhere, literally!”

The residents of the Rockaways welcome the bike sharing program but it’s bothersome to see how people destroy property that is meant to help. The bikes are thrown anywhere, and the residents want people to just respect the program.

“All it takes for too many issues with the bikes as far as stolen, broken, and not taking care of them and the company will grab their bikes and leave Far Rockaway dry again,” said Jalen.

The Rockaways embrace the program and look forward to the Lime Bike to expand more within the community.

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