Get to know me…..


I spent many years on jobs that made a better life for my family.  I realized though when life changed for me, I was in search of my purpose.

Hi, my name is Shani Hannah from Rockaway Beach, NY and I am a 44-year-old wife, mother and college student in pursuit of my master’s degree.  Currently, I am a new media journalism major at Full Sail University.   I love to write and express my thoughts and views on certain life situations pertaining to youth, education and the community.

As you start to evolve into your purpose things start lining up for you.  My love for writing and my concern for today’s youth and education has pushed me into new opportunities.  As I am starting on my early childhood journey as a teacher assistant, I am delving more into the educational issues that plague our children today.  Of course, I will talk about schools within my area and district as well as research outside of my community.  I not only want to give my sentiments, but I want to also give direct information to keep parents informed, educators, and possibly any authoritative figures who are concerned with the learning curriculum for early childhood, PreK-12, and college students.

This blog is very personal to me because I get to open up about information that a lot of people just might not pay attention to.  We have to stay more grounded and involved with what’s happening because education has drastically changed even since I was a little girl. The more you know the better off you are.  My hope is that you will gain insight into what is going on in the educational realm along with the community.

Please feel free to comment and share your thoughts let’s talk…