What Journalism Means to Me!

Formulating ideas and visions into content that is engaging, it is a lot of work! For me journalism is different.  My love for writing and sharing stories has always been a part of me.  The beauty now is I am learning about the type of platform I want to use and the audience I want to reach in order to share.  This particular course, New Media and Communication, taught me how to research an idea and narrow it down so that I can tell a story.  Sometimes when your story is long and drawn out you lose the audience attention when they are reading your work.   A lot of people really don’t care these days, because they rather drama-filled information than information that can possibly help them out in regard to other issues. So, in hindsight, you have to figure out what will make them care and pay attention.  The breakdown of components allows you to directly indicate what you are looking to talk about and the possibility of how the information is received.  I still have so much more to learn when it comes to getting my audience, maintaining their attention and presenting relevant information, but that is trial and error.  As information becomes available to me I intend to use it for the purpose of intriguing my readers.  Engagement is the key and I know you have to figure out why it should matter to the audience.  It’s about getting the message across and using the resources and tools that we have available.  When you have instruction and feedback you take the information and use it to perfect your craft.  Journalism is different and it is changing fast every day.  How can we as journalists stay in tune and maintain the platforms that are constantly evolving?  I look forward to learning more tools to reach my audience in a fun and creative way.


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