Cleaning teeth with baking soda

Recently, I spoke with several people regarding the uses of baking soda.  Baking soda also known as sodium bicarbonate is a multipurpose product used as a home cleaning agent, deodorizer, personal care as well as oral hygiene.  From the individuals, I spoke with a lot of them have used the baking soda for oral care.  The explanation given was that the use of baking soda, Arm & Hammer brand, with peroxide, was equivalent of using regular toothpaste but better.  One interviewee expressed how combining the abrasive of the sodium bicarbonate with the antiseptic properties of the peroxide kept the two together as a dentifrice. Although the feeling was gritty it helped in aiding the cleanliness of your teeth and freshened your gums.  It’s not the best taste but it gives a brighter smile.  It is proven to work due to clinical studies and research done via sources on The Journal of the American Dental Association.

Jonna Burgess, 6 years old, doesn’t let her physical disability take away from enjoying life

Rockaway Beach, NY- Life sometimes throws us curveballs and we have to be ready to handle them.  On July 11, 2012 twin brother and sister Derek and Jonna were born to parents Donna Cornett and John Burgess.

Jonna was diagnosed with Hirschsprung disease, and later developed cerebral palsy along with other health issues.

This little pride and joy have gone through so many things and at one point the doctors didn’t think she would make it.  But through love and prayer, strong parents and support system Jonna is living life although her life isn’t our normal it’s hers.

Jonna is a happy little girl that loves to feel the air blow in her face, smiles at the touch of the family cats when her brother Derek brings them to her.

Jonna Burgess living her best life

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