The Rockaways Are Getting An Upgrade



Rockaway Beach, NY – Rockaway Beach is one of the many communities that make up Far Rockaway, NY.  Recently, the Mayor approved upgrades and structural renovations to improve the area.  After the beating, the Rockaways took after Sandy with drainage problems and flooding an upgrade was necessary.  Each community in Far Rockaway has its own phase.  Rockaway Beach is considered to be part of phase 3 which is called Sandy13.  This particular project started in 2018 and will be completed by June of 2020.  The New York City Department of Design and Construction and the Perfetto Contracting Co. Inc. are behind the work being done in the Rockaways.  The purpose of this project is to upgrade old and damaged drainage and sewer systems.  The cost of this project is worth $25 million.

Due to this project, people in the community have an understanding but it’s causing congestion with traffic, street closures, and rodents are appearing.

The community construction liaison, Erich DeSuza, keeps everyone within the community up to date on what is happening and the improvements that are taking place.

Some of the residents of Rockaway Beach had this to say;

“The construction is definitely inconvenient, but I do think it’s necessary in order to improve our roads,” says Tarin Donatien.

Not everyone has a positive message; a gentleman who did not want to disclose his name stated, “they are always ripping up the streets and they don’t fix it properly, I’m tired of the construction”!

And there are others that play the fence, like Logan Evans who stated: “for where I reside at that draining system was not in place, therefore this why we were flooded out”.

“So, I think it’s very necessary but yet at the same time it’s very inconvenient,” said Logan.

A mother on her way to work stated she is stuck in traffic for at least 10 minutes when they block the street off because of the big bulldozer truck that is moving.

Although some people are against the construction and congestion, others are happy that they are finally fixing the sewer system to protect them from flooding.

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