The Coalition orchestrates another move to Stop the Williams Pipeline

Queens, NY – Today on July 13, 2019, is the last day for consumers to send a letter to the Department of Environmental Conservation expressing their concerns regarding the Stop the Williams Pipeline.  In the past, DEC already declined the proposal for the pipeline.

Customers were recently sent an email from National Grid stating that the fracked gas from Williams is more energy-efficient and will lower greenhouse gas emissions. Sane Energy Project, one of the organizations against the Williams Pipeline retweeted regarding how National Grid asked customers to help with protesting for fracked gas.

The coalition which consists of Sane Energy Project, Surfrider Foundation, Food & Water Watch, New York Communities for Change, 350BK, Rockaway Beach Civic Association, and 350Org., along with other allied organizations, are helping to Stop the Williams pipeline from being built. This coalition rallies as well as submit letters to local politicians and anyone involved in the decision of stopping this pipeline.

This pipeline will bring in fracked gas which is harmful to the people in various ways. It can be harmful to the health of humans, marine life, climate change and has safety issues, not to mention a very expensive project that will cost millions of customers a lot of money according to the report from the Stop the Williams Pipeline website.

The pipeline will affect communities on the shorefronts of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Staten Island, Brooklyn, and the Rockaways.

The Stop the Williams Pipeline Coalition, Sane Energy Project, posted on Facebook how the public can participate in stopping the Williams pipeline.  They have to send the letter to stop fracked gas by signing the form and submitting it.

Currently, they need 259 more letters because 541 have been sent already and 800 is what is needed altogether.

Stop the Williams Pipeline has been an ongoing issue since 2014 but the public wasn’t even aware.  Now that more people are finding out they must all come together to stop the pipeline from being built.  The process has already been started but due to the Stop the Williams Pipeline Coalition and all the advocates against the pipeline, it has come to a halt; but the Williams company is not going to stop pushing for the fracked gas.

As this story continues to unfold, more information will be shared with the public.  The concerns of the people have to be put to the forefront, but only the local politicians and people in political power can actually change the narrative to this issue.

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Cover photo courtesy of Sane Energy Project Facebook page


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