Making a difference, one step at a time

It’s been a little while since I have posted and today I am starting something different. As the title says making a difference one step at a time is a resonating feeling for me. I can not wait to share my experiences as an online English teacher for chokbw8zipRn+F23n8RDrORAildren in Beijing. This is definitely an experience worth sharing.

How I am making a difference is that I am growing and as I am growing and teaching, it is creating windows of opportunity to help others.

When you love helping people especially the young it’s a joy and an amazing feeling that can not be reproduced by imitators!

Just be real with yourself, keep a positive mindset and enjoy all that life has for you. I am learning to walk in my purpose and grateful for all things.

I love what I do. I do it for me but I do it for our future leaders.  ~ Shani Hannah


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