National Grid’s bullying tactics are ending

gettyimages-1170882986-2048x2048Rockaway Beach, NY – National Grid decided to come to a halt with supplying gas to new emerging residences and businesses because they feared not having enough gas by winter of 2019-2020. This tactic was in response to consumers not siding with the construction of the new gas pipeline that is set to be built in New York harbor.

This issue is in continuation to the story Residents of the Rockaways in conflict with Williams company over the controversial pipeline.

National Grid has gone to the Williams company saying that the pipeline is needed to help the growing needs of its customers. The current pipeline will not be able to withstand the growing needs over the 1.8 million customers they already have.

gettyimages-929766084-2048x2048Governor Cuomo ordered National Grid to supply an estimated 1,100 applicants with connected gas to residences and businesses. Currently, National Grid is not happy with the Governor’s actions, but they are complying to avoid any fines for not following the orders and bullying customers because they are against the building of the infrastructure gas pipeline.




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