Stand Strong and Say No to Fracked Gas in NYC

Rockaway Beach, NY – Fracked gas has been around since the early 1800s.  It was discovered during the Battle of Fredericksburg, VA.  Due to the drilling technique shale rock, oil and natural gas were extracted from it.  This allowed the U.S. to produce more oil and gas.  According to, it is stated by the year 2020 that the U.S. would become energy independent.

Fracked gas is not something the people want.  In recent studies, it shows how this particular gas going through the pipeline could be devasting to our environment, climate change, human health, and marine life.

Many organizations have come together to make up the coalition to stop the Williams pipelineSane Energy Project one of the key organizers of the coalition has helped to develop plans to stop the pipeline from being built.  The pipeline which would carry fracked gas is said to be energy efficient although Sane Energy Project and others have a different belief.

JK Canepa from Sane Energy Project recently stated that “the pipeline company will get a billion dollars plus a 14% profit”.

“Paid for guaranteed; paid for if they can build this pipeline”.

“Has nothing to do with whether the gas is going to go through the pipe or not”, said JK Canepa.

The Williams energy company want to be known for creating a “best market”  to the north and south of the Marcellus and Utica supply area.  Williams company continues to invest in the Transco interstate natural gas pipeline. This pipeline will go from Texas to New York City.  The project is part of a 23-mile segment in New York Harbor to date.

JK Canepa stated, “ Williams pipeline is not extracting gas”.

“They’re not in the gas business, they’re in the pipeline business”.

According to sources, the Williams’ pipeline has been denied on several occasions, which means the coalition is doing something right when protesting and sending letters to the government and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation has already denied the certification for water quality for the proposed Northeast Supply Enhancement Project with the Williams company.

JK Canepa and her colleagues understand that the fight isn’t over.  They have been fighting for a few years now and will continue to rally, send letters and meet with officials that have a say in the Williams pipeline.

Canepa has met some challenges and even some issues with the law when protesting for the better of the people and communities.  Canepa’s care for the wealth of the environment allows her strong advocacy relations to help battle the fight for protecting the planet.


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